Zigbee and Thread USB stick by the creators of Home Assistant

Home Assistant Connect ZBT-1 is the easiest way to add Zigbee to your Home Assistant instance. Connect ZBT-1 is also an open-source-friendly path to add a Thread border router. Some Matter devices require a Thread network. The Home Assistant developers provide regular firmware updates for Connect ZBT-1 to make sure the device stays up-to-date and ensure compatiblity with Home Assistant.


The Connect ZBT-1 comes with a Zigbee firmware pre-installed. Home Assistant officially supports ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation), the Zigbee stack integrated into Home Assistant Core. The following guides describe how to use Connect ZBT-1 with ZHA.


Home Assistant Connect ZBT-1 can also be used to turn your Home Assistant installation into a Thread border router. Currently, enabling Thread involves manual steps. The integration of the Home Assistant Thread border router with Matter is work-in-progress. To learn more about Thread border routers, refer to the List of Thread border routers. To learn how to use Connect ZBT-1 to turn your Home Assistant into a Thread Border router, refer to Turning Home Assistant into a Thread border router.